Here is a chance for aspiring poets to participate in an 8-week mentorship program that could lead to a residency in Ibadan. Only Nigerian applicants are eligible.

See below for details on how to apply and the deadline.

Good luck!

[Please Note: Brittle Paper is not responsible for the organization or further promotion of this workshop, neither do we have a stake in its popularity. Address any inquiry to the email included in the post.]


This is to invite interested poets to apply for participation in the first IBPF Poetry Workshop. The Workshop is specifically for the upcoming and potential Nigerian writer who desires to be mentored by an established poet.

The mentorship program is an 8-week workshop via virtual interaction including email exchanges between mentor-poet and mentee-poet. This interaction will lead to an invitation to a Residency in Ibadan, for selected poets who fulfill communicated objectives in the course of their mentorship program.

We welcome applications from all interested poets, including beginners and others with publishing history seeking further competence in the art. The main requirement to participation is an evidence of considerable commitment to form/presentation.

The first IBPF Poetry Workshop would begin i June 12, 2016, and we are encouraging YOU to apply.

Submit 5 poems with a brief note on why you think you should be a part of this workshop. Please note that what we seek is promise, not perfection.

Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2016, 12PM GMT.

Please add a professional biography including publications, degrees, and some relevant personal information, and the poets you admire, if applicable.

List of selected poets would be announced on this website in the last week of August.

For more information, send an email to: ibadanpoetryfoundation@gmail.com


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I'm finishing up a phd at Duke University where I study African novels, which I believe are some of the loveliest things ever written. Brittle Paper is the virtual space/station where I play and experiment with ideas on how to reinvent African fiction and literary culture.

4 Responses to “Opportunity for African Writers | Apply for the Ibadan Poetry Book Fund Workshop” Subscribe

  1. oriame 2016/05/06 at 8:47 am #

    Hello, please what email address are we to send the application to.

  2. Ainehi Edoro 2016/05/06 at 10:58 am #

    Hi Oriame,

    This email: ibadanpoetryfoundation@gmail.com

  3. Nurain Oladeji 2016/05/08 at 3:25 pm #

    I notice that the deadline for submission (June 12) is later than the date the workshop would begin (May 2).

  4. Ainehi Edoro 2016/05/10 at 9:07 am #

    Hi Nurain,

    Apologies for the mix up. The post has been updated with the right dates. Thanks.

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I hold a doctorate in English from Duke University and recently joined the Marquette University English faculty as an Assistant Professor. I love teaching African fiction and contemporary British novels. Brittle Paper is the virtual space/station where I play and experiment with ideas on how to reinvent African fiction and literary culture.

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