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Dreams, Remember Yesterday | Elizabeth Semende | Poetry


Dreams: This hole is a grave where dreams toss and turn, Touch the wind and sway with it. See the taller defecate on stunted grass, Dare peel a wall and greet the paint within. The girl wishes to delete her scalp so hair will bud. The boy’s mind is a breathing ghost; a man touched […]

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Translating Guinea-Bissau’s First English-Language Novel | by Jethro Soutar


In June, we brought news of the publication of the first ever novel from Guinea-Bissau to be translated into Englis.  Abdulai Sila’s The Ultimate Tragedy, published in 1995, was originally written in Portuguese. The English translation was published by Dedalus Books and launched at the Africa Writes festival in July. Jethro Soutar is the translator. In […]

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Hugging You Will Always Be an Awkward Thing | D. E. Benson | Poetry

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“hugging you will always be an awkward thing no, i have never feared receiving sacrament from the lips of other men once I had the holy water wash the seeds of sin down my oesophagus but you? the curl of your arms reaches like God’s they steep from earth to heaven into a shoulder hanging […]

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A Motherless Race: Three Poems | By Goodnews Mememugh Karibo


Recalling Losses It was the same night you walked out into a car that drove you off. I called you Laraba. you took the sun off from your eyes and dropped it in the middle of sulking orphans. for once you were kind. kindness was the oil of your soul. I loved you the way […]

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What It Means to Grow Up without You | By Funge-owei Michael Nemine | Poetry


I was bare, assailable, groping For your wings to run over me And lace me with warmth. But you never came. The night showed me your shadow, Weeping and groping around my wall. The wind brought you through the window And you hovered around the little lamp And ran the shadows of your fingers over […]

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The Soymilk Woman’s Gift | By Ndukwu Joseph Omoh | Poetry


  I live with the words of many men Going in my head. I have become attached to syntax, To larynx. I have become squeezed every hour in that small space between the heart and lungs, Hungering to nail myself to a history Whose colour I know but whose sounds I have yet to learn. […]

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Babishai Poetry Festival 2017 | Interview with Mugabi Byenkya, Author of Dear Philomena


As part of the countdown to the 2017 Babishai Poetry Festival in Uganda, the organisers are conducting a series of interviews on their guests and on writers whose works have made a landmark. The festival will be held on 4-6 August 2017. Here, one of the guests, Mugabi Byenkya, author of Dear Philomena, discusses how he became […]

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An Almost Year for the Caine Prize: 6 Records That Were Not Broken | By Nkiacha Atemnkeng


In 2017, several Caine Prize records almost got broken. But one did get broken. Sixty-five-year-old Sudanese Bushra al-Fadil is the oldest fictioneer to get nominated for the Caine prize. But after him, the list of almost-records begins. 1. Second Arabic-to-English Translation Bushra’s “The Story of the Girl Whose Birds Flew Away” is a translation from […]

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I hold a doctorate in English from Duke University and recently joined the Marquette University English faculty as an Assistant Professor. I love teaching African fiction and contemporary British novels. Brittle Paper is the virtual space/station where I play and experiment with ideas on how to reinvent African fiction and literary culture.

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The Photographer as an Osprey | John “Lighthouse” Oyewale | Essay

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Dinaw Mengestu and Nadifa Mohamed Have New Work in Freeman’s Magazine

Nadifa Mohamed

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The Brittle Paper Literary Awards: New Date for the Announcement of Winners

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The Reviews Are In! | Namwali Serpell Has High Praise for Jennifer Makumbi’s Kintu

Screen-Shot-2017-09-20-at-4.57.42-PM-e1505944728679 copy

Jennifer Makumbi’s Kintu is one of the hit novels of 2017. A historical drama, it tells the story of an 18th […]