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If you love African stories and love Valentine’s day, this gorgeous collection of 13 stories titled Gossamer: Valentine Stories is a special gift to you.

Each story, including Toni Kan’s beautiful introduction, represents that sweet spot where the power of African storytelling meets the power of love to inspire us.

I am pleased to collaborate with these fine authors to share their work with you.

Click the link below to download the entire collection for free!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few words by the editor of the collection, Nonso Franklyn Anyanwu, about what inspired the project.


index.pngooooooAfter reading last year’s Valentine’s Day Anthology which was published by Ankara Press, [see here] and which featured Binyavanga Wainaina, Toni Kan and Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, I had a thought: since these writers are well-known, why not do something similar but feature writers like myself—writers who are yet to attain that level of acclaim?

Writers here may not be the usual names you hear or read about, but they have done exceedingly well for themselves in self-developing their crafts. Two of the writers here were published by Harvard’s Transition Magazine last year, and one of the published short stories was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Another writer here was a 2015 A Public Space Emerging Writer Fellow and was shortlisted for the BN Poetry Prize in 2015. Another writer made the shortlist for the 2016 Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets. And two writers are already published: a collection of short stories and two novels respectively.

Most of us are friends on Facebook and follow each other on Twitter. We’ve formed a vibrant community even though we have never seen each other or heard each other’s voice.  We wereconnected with each other on the recommendation of friends and friends of friends. When the idea to curate a collection of Valentine stories came to me, to reached out to this expansive and strong community of friends and writers. The responses I received from them were amazing despite the short notice. I am daily amazed at our eagerness to tell our own stories, instead of having them told by others.

All the stories in this anthology talk about love, but in different explorations. There are stories about matrimonial woes, the danger of engaging in blind dates on social media, the lingering pain of lost love, and question of sexuality. Reading these stories again and again gives me a certain satisfaction that our aim is fulfilled. The aim is to bring to the reader’s mind the different things that Valentine’s Day celebration means to different people.

There is this strong conviction I have that in the next few years, this anthology will be referred to when our names will be mentioned for more recognition. I believe our futures are better than our pasts.

‎Dear Readers, I present you, Gossamer: Valentine Stories, 2016.


Click the link below to begin reading:


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I hold a doctorate in English from Duke University and recently joined the Marquette University English faculty as an Assistant Professor. I love teaching African fiction and contemporary British novels. Brittle Paper is the virtual space/station where I play and experiment with ideas on how to reinvent African fiction and literary culture.

3 Responses to “Celebrate Valentine’s Day with African Love Stories! | Read Gossamer: Valentine Stories” Subscribe

  1. Felicia Reevers 2016/02/13 at 22:01 #

    They’re all beautifully written – thank you!

  2. Anyanwu Nonso 2016/02/13 at 22:47 #

    This is the sweetest this Valentine! Weldone Brittle Paper for bringing this up.

  3. Hannah 2016/02/15 at 06:36 #

    Flash fiction has never been so lovely (pun intended)! Made it easy to devour in quick bites. Well written stories I thoroughly enjoyed reading. We need more of these.

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