come here/ i want you to know that i don’t hate you/ come here/ i may eat cinnamon and chunks of cynicism for breakfast, then wash it down with hot tea and disapproval/ i /say “men are trash”/ i don’t hate you/ we don’t all hate you/come here/ i would drink a cup of your tears if you were brave enough to cry/come here/ you’re not alone/ they make you wear a scarlet letter for displays of helplessness/ come here/i don’t know why they told you emotion equates deficiency: what brutal ancient indoctrination told man he isn’t a man if he loves, if he hurts, if he cries, if he folds??/sadness doesn’t have to have a price/ come here/ what system branded you white-hot and eternal so you seep of toxicity then seethe at its scent/ see how this fanged system destroys us all/i keep telling you feminists aren’t only fighting for womxn/ patriarchy doesn’t have winners/ most men just think it does and think it’s them/come here/crawl into the space I’ve made for you/ being human doesn’t make you less a man.



Photo by Nathan McDine on Unsplash