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Retrograde Amnesia | by Dimeji Abidoye | African Poetry

  Every thing begins to fade in the afternoon. It is no trick of my manias, It is the light. It tells none of and all of the lies. What is not already dead is dying. Then there will be you and there will be me, sitting in a lawn chair in the lucent circle […]

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No Ordinary Things | by Mukoma Wa Ngugi | African Poetry

*A Poem for the Black Lives Matter Movement For black men and women, these are no ordinary things: A broken taillight, cigarette, cell phone, a spoon, pocket knife, hoodies in 85 degree heat, skittles, a toy sword, a toy gun in a children’s park, a toy rifle in a store that sells toy rifles, a […]

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On “Performing Pregnancy” and the (What if)! After-effect | by Pearl Osibu

  In the last few days, social media has taken up arms (again) about Chimamanda’s statements. Code word ‘Perform pregnancy.’ In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Adichie confirmed that she’d had a baby—very casual-like—while having a drink. “This is just very sugary, very sweet. I would probably have a glass of wine, but […]

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The Fall of the Gods | by Anthony Azekwoh | An African Story

A kpopu uzo, a kpopu onu (The dawning of a new day makes us aware of our struggle for the means of human life.) ọ̀kan They never passed up an opportunity to celebrate. These were the gods, and they had just won their first victory. Should they not be jolly and revel in their might? […]

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Opportunity in African Publishing | Wasafari Magazine is Hiring | August 1 Deadline

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London-based Brittlers! We found an opportunity we’d like to call to your attention. Wasafiri Magazine offers global literary content that includes Africa-related writing. They are looking for a Deputy Editor, and we’d love it to be you, if working for a magazine is one of your professional dreams. Deadline is August 1. See below to find out how […]

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Marothodi’s Surprise | by Neo Bridgette Kitso | African Poetry

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A little while after the last summer came to an end, Marothodi’s chest started beading. Her breasts pressed out a bit too much and sometimes when she touched them they seemed too tender with a residing uncomfort. She hid them at first because she knew if her mother saw them she would ask questions to […]

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The Strangest Thing | by Ngozi Cole | African Poetry

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It’s hard to get inside my head. Many pendulums of unfinished thoughts Each swiveling recklessly off the edge of a careless charade. Words dripping from an orange amber suckle Succulent metaphors ready to burst from a Fragile nectar. Often, these blobs have become liquefied, And they’ve seeped through cracks and ran Slowly down my cheeks, […]

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In Broad Daylight  | by Sharon Tshipa | An African Story

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                                        As if the stench of cigarettes were not enough, the room reeked of alcohol. Unless they were permitted to drink on the job, I was convinced they had kept a hopeless drunk confined in here all […]

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Congolese Filmmaker Creates Stunning Visual Poem in Honor of His Grandmother

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If you are a fan of new generation African poets like Warsan Shire, Safia Elhillo, Ggenga Adesina and others, the chances are that you have a taste for the more experimental kind of poetry. Nganji’s visual poem titled “Poem for Philomene” should be right up your alley. Nganji is a congolese-born and Belgium based photographer/filmmaker. Last […]

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Two Announcements Later, Chika Unigwe Brightens Our 2016

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2016 has been a rather dark and gloomy year, to say the least. Tragic news of loss and violence seems to be the mainstay of our social media timelines. While it is important to pay attention to these unfortunate happenings around the world and to canvass for change, we also want to hold on to happy news when […]

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Why We are Celebrating Ggbenga Adesina’s Poem in New York Times Magazine

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Gbenga Adesina first came under our radar in 2014 when he submitted a poem titled “Rediscovery,” a beautiful piece that we went on to publish. He continued writing and getting his work out there in various platforms. As it happens for hardworking and talented writers, Adesina is finally on the road to the success of which […]

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On the Phone, Her Voice — The Sound of Violin | by Chukwudi Okoye | African Poetry

On the Phone, Her Voice --- The Sound of Violin (1)

On the phone, Her voice — the sound of violin — Would play in melancholy With every words she uttered Until the night spread Its wrapper across the moon And brought tears to my eyes. She said: “Charles, the problem with our Generation Is that we mistake sex for love.” And I blinked my eyes […]

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Things I Taught You | by Danvictor Ebirim | African Poetry

Things I Taught You (1)

Time flies. Days turn to night, Or is it the other way I’ve lost track of time, Or am I […]

Read the Top Five Selections for the I ❤️ African Literature Writing Contest

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When we announced the I ❤️ African Literature writing contest two weeks ago, we honestly did not know what to expect. The […]

Gaze | by Marial Awendit | African Poetry

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  (i) sea I am a sea open to your azure gaze of silent words spilling from yesterday’s black veins […]

What the Farafina Creative Writing Workshop Is | by Nnamdi Anyadu

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It is: I. Twenty-three writer-people googling each other before they arrive for ten days of reading and writing at a beautiful […]

There Will Be No Forgetting | by Esther Edoho | African Poetry

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i. My mother sent a photograph of my cousins sitting around a kitchen stool in our backyard eating garri and […]

PODCAST | NYAC Chats with Ainehi Edoro on African Publishing, Linda Ikeji, Nigerian Reading Culture, and More

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Brittle Paper’s very own Ainehi Edoro sat down with the brilliant ladies behind Not Your African Cliché (NYAC) on their latest podcast. […]