My Liberia’s heritage, tale is so rare.
A land of rich history, people so honest and fair.
A nation built on hope and resilience.
The scars of war, the memories they bore
Yet resilience bloomed, and hearts were restored.
Their language, a melodic rhythm, is so pure.
A reflection of their soul, for all time sure,
Their traditions, a manner of lifestyles, are so authentic,
A history so wealthy, for all time anew.
Their food, a banquet for the senses, so divine,
A fusion of flavors, a taste so high-quality.
Their artwork, a testimony to the human coronary heart,
A reflection in their history, a piece of art.
Their people, robust and resilient,
A testament to the land,
The people’s culture, a blend of old and new,
A fusion of traditions, forever true.
Their music, a symphony of drums and songs,
From the jungle to the nimba peak, so grand,
A culinary journey, through this wondrous land.
God bless Liberia,  a land that birthed my soul.














Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash