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The African Speculative Fiction Society Announces the Shortlists for the 2020 Nommo Awards


Shortlists for the 2020 Nommo Awards for Speculative Fiction by Africans are out. Established in 2017, the awards “recognize speculative fiction and comics published by African writers and artists between 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2019.” Canadian sci-fi writer Geoff Ryman is currently the administrator of the prize. He is joined in the governing […]

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neon lights at noon | Nkateko Masinga | Poetry

the trouble with crying at Times Square is that you are a body in a sea of bodies sailing from one heartbreak to the next   the year is new & you are still just you, except older, with less apartment space   & less breathing space and a neon red flash flood alert on […]

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Montage on Haircuts | Akinwale Fadoju | Fiction

2009 IDEAS TO DESCRIBE Barack Obama are some of the bestselling things in the world. In Nigeria, the association of barbers convened a one-agenda congress commemorating Obama and a hairstyle, so eponymously named, had been invented: A certain fraction of hair would be left at the front of the head, and the sides and back […]

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Three Sisters: A Biafran Lore of Love, Lust and Loss | Osareme Edeoghon | Review

BY THE END of February, Inua Ellam’s Three Sisters, based on Chekhov’s eponymous play, had run for three months at the National Theatre in London. The play chronicles the survival of three Igbo sisters through the Biafran war. It shows dreams displaced, minds metamorphosed and hopes harangued by the war. The play starts with a […]

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Lanaire Aderemi: An Evening with Verse Writer | Photos + Event Review | Danielle Koku

All photos credited to @LyraPhotoLab.  Lanaire Aderemi has carved a niche for herself as an underrated gem shared by the UK and Nigeria—the former the nation of her adulthood, the latter her home country. Her “An Evening with Verse Writer” series has lured an audience of diaspora-led curiosities into exploring the intricacies of their constantly […]

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Is It Still Beautiful? Motherhood and Mental Health During a Pandemic | Ukamaka Olisakwe | Nonfiction

The only photographs I have on my LG mobile phone are my children’s. They are 17, 15, and 13, and every one of those photos show them wearing big smiles or pouting or frozen in some silly Snapchat filters that make them look like characters in an animated picture. They live in Aba, Nigeria, with […]

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Between Colours, Senses, Words and Worlds: Harry Garuba’s Transition | Katleho Kano Shoro | Poetry

For Professor Harry Garuba You are in a lime green, waterproof jacket hooded. Restlessly standing on the pavement— overhead: grey concrete around you: vapour— on a street that resembles the Sunday-vacant ones in Jozi (although, the dream calls the street Lagosian, we tell it we believe it by continuing).   It is misty. After you […]

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Neighbors (A Quarantine-Themed Fiction) | E. C. Osondu

My neighbor Vinny Capriani is a great neighbor. I’m happy to have him as one. I live in a state where a man shot another because his kids’ basketball fell into his neighbor’s yard. So I’m happy Vinny is my neighbor. My other neighbor, a tubby attorney, has only spoken to me once. He wanted […]

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Statement: African Authors Sans Frontieres in Solidarity with African-Americans

Untitled design - 2020-06-02T091026.887

As African writers without borders who are connected beyond  geography with those who live in the United States of America […]

#SaveLambdaLiterary | Leading LGBTQ Literary Organization Needs Your Help

save lambda literary (1)

Lambda Literary is struggling under the devastating financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. On April 17, the organization launched a […]

Innocent Chizaram Ilo Awarded 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Africa Region

Innocent Chizaram Ilo 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize

Nigeria’s Innocent Chizaram Ilo is the regional winner for Africa of the 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for their short […]

What We Are Reading This Week | Magical Tales About Life in Northern Nigeria

abubakar the whispering trees

BUY Cassava | Amazon A new edition of Abubakar Adam Ibrahim’s The Whispering Trees is out in Cassava Shorts, a […]

Poda-Poda Stories Calls for Submissions from Sierra Leonean Writers

poda-poda stories Sierra Leone

Poda-Poda Stories is a new digital platform curating Sierra Leonean literature. The platform was founded by Ngozi Cole, a Sierra […]

Petina Gappah’s Out of Darkness, Shining Light Wins the 2020 Chautauqua Prize

Petina Gappah2020 Chautauqua Prize

Petina Gappah’s Out of Darkness, Shining Light is the winner of the 2020 Chautauqua Prize. The Chautauqua Prize has been awarded […]

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