Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg in Celeste and Jesse Forever. Sony Pictures.

Indie romantic comedy/drama, Celeste and Jesse Forever, is out this Friday.

Budget: 1 million dollars.

Production time: 23 days.

Okay, that’s as idie as indie can be. The movie is getting a lot of social media love. Many are hoping that it repeats the success of (500) Days of Summer that cost only 7.5 million dollars but scored 60 million world wide in box office revenue.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is about a divorced couple who live together, hangout, say cutesy things to each other, and find it hard dating other people. Weird? Yeah, weird. Imagine all the funny awkwardness of having your ex as your BFF. Celeste is played by Rashida Jones (The Office) while Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live) plays Jesse.

Rashida Jones who stars in the movie is also one of two co-writers of the script. She said her writing was influenced by friends who “had purgatory relationships they were into for too long or trying to outsmart the pain of breaking up.” Sounds familiar?

I’m definitely picking this over Colin Farrell’s Total Recall that’s been described by the NYTimes as “maximum noise and minimum sense.”  CLICK for Total Recall Trailer HERE.