Romance fiction lovers would be interested to know that there is a new book on the way. Lara T. Kareem‘s Love is Beautiful When in Bloom is a collection of love stories. Each story depicts intimate encounters and how these encounters become powerful bonds of romantic love. From the sweetness of requited love in the story “Full Circle” to the coexistence of love and grief in “A Binding Encounter,” characters enact various experiences of what it means to fall in love.

Published by Basenji Books, Love is Beautiful When in Bloom is a collection of “light sweet stories,” captivating in the softness they bring to the experiences of “intimacy, self-discovery, pain, friendship, and joy.”

As stated in the publisher’s note, Love is Beautiful When in Bloom is  “written with compassion, care and love.” If you’re looking for stories to bring out the tenderly captivating side of romance, Kareem’s new collection is a good place to begin.

Lara T. Kareem, also known as Naija Book Bae, is a Nigerian romance writer. Her first novel, Not Just Another Interlude is published by Love Africa Press. With this book, she shows her readers more reasons why loves stories are beautiful and fun to read.

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