The Ghanaian-Nigerian author Bisi Adjapon has a new book on the way. The novel, her second, is titled Daughter in Exile and follows a young Ghanaian woman’s struggles as an undocumented immigrant in the US. It was acquired by Harper Collins Publishing as part of a two-book deal and will be published in March 2023.

Bisi Adjapon is the author of the novel Of Women and Frogs (published in the US as The Teller of Secrets), about a young Nigerian-Ghanaian girl named Esi who discovers herself in the process of resisting patriarchal expectations and ideals. Adjapon’s work has been featured in journals and newspapers such as McSweeney’s Quarterly,Washington Times, Daily Graphic, and Chicken Bones. She founded and ran the Young Shakespeare Company for four years in America, and as an international affairs specialist for the US Foreign Agricultural Service, won the Civil Rights Award for Human Relations. She lives in Ghana.

See the publisher’s description of the book below. You can pre-order here.

“Acclaimed author of The Teller of Secrets returns with a gut-wrenching, yet heartwarming story about a young Ghanaian woman’s struggle to make a life in the U.S., and the challenges she must overcome.

At twenty-one, life in Senegal couldn’t be better for Lola. An aspiring writer and university graduate, she has a great job, a vibrant social life, and a future filled with possibility. But fate disrupts her world when she falls for Armand, an American Marine stationed at the U.S. Embassy. Her mother, a high court judge in Ghana who endeavors to keep her anchored to home, disapproves of her choice. Against her mother’s wishes, Lola plans a future with Armand. They invest in a business with the hope of settling into a life of ease in America.

But nothing is as simple as it seems.

The young African graduate has no idea that her real journey is just beginning: she has traded her care-free life in Senegal for the perilous existence of an undocumented immigrant in America, a life featuring a darkly comic catalog of Dickensian characters, not to mention a fundamentalist church. Harrowing, eye-opening, and utterly unforgettable, Daughter in Exile is a story about motherhood, love and what defines us all.”

We are super excited to get our hands on another one of Adjapon’s books!