2023 is going to be a very special year for lovers of African books. So many exciting titles! The 61 books on the list cover a range of genres—from short story collections to historical fiction to YA fantasy and science fiction, in addition to memoir and children’s books, and more. We recommend that you use the list to plan out your 2023 reading experience. Follow this link for ideas on how to make a reading calendar/journal. Everyone will be talking about these books on social media. You DO NOT want to miss out on the conversation.

In the comment section, tell us which book you are most eager to read.



  • This list is not exhaustive. There are tons of books that we did not include because we didn’t have all the publisher info. The best way to stay up to date with new books throughout the year is subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Instagram here.
  • All book descriptions are excerpted from the publisher’s synopsis.
  • Not all the “BUY” links are live or go to pre-order or buy pages. This is because this info is simply not available. We will updated as pre-order and buy links become available.

Happy Reading!