British-Nigerian YA author Rachel Faturoti finally has a book cover ready for her YA debut novel Finding Folkshore. The book features a 16-year-old girl’s battles with fear, family illness, and gentrification, and will be published April 6, 2023 by Jacaranda Books. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and we are so excited to share this cover reveal of Faturoti’s novel.

The book cover is designed by Jacaranda design partner Rodney Dive and embodies the magic of the world Faturoti conjures in Finding Folkshore. Featuring a floral border and a passing train, the cover includes nods to the London Underground and the historic Victoria line stop, Brixton Tube Station, which is key to the protagonist’s journey into the mystical Folkshore.

The digital release of the book cover is in partnership with Brixton-based YA and Children’s retailer, RoundTable Books. Read the full synopsis of the book below:

16-year-old Fola Oduwole is scared. She’s scared of disappointing her parents, she’s scared of not being able to follow her dreams, but most of all she’s scared for her brother. He has cancer and his surgery’s coming up soon, it could leave him paralysed, or worse. Fola deserves a break, and she gets her wish when she takes the Victoria line one stop too far and is transported to Folkshore, a magical, hidden part of London.

Now she’s scared of the talking animals, the mythical Shriekers and not being there when her brother wakes up. Fola wants to go back, but a thunderstorm destroys Folkshore station. As she looks for another way out, Fola stumbles on the local Assembly’s nefarious plans. She realises that the only way back to her brother is to help her new friends as they resist the pugnacious police pigs and the authoritarian assembly.

If she fails, the community she’s come to love could be destroyed forever and she may never find her way home.

Rachel Faturoti is a YA and children’s fiction writer, editor, and poet. She won the inaugural Bernardine Evaristo Scholarship in 2021 and is passionate about broadening the scope of authentic Black representation in YA and children’s fiction.

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