It’s finally here! Oyindamola Shoola’s ebook, Speak Up: One Year after the Controversy, is available for download here.

After three weeks of us releasing excerpts of the book, you can now download and read the full ebook for free! The book revisits the controversy around the 2022 publication of Trish Lorenz’s Soro Soke: The Young Disruptors of an African Megacity. A year after the controversy, Oyindamola Shoola, whose interview with Trish Lorenz was published in the collection, revisits the book and the debates around it.

Shoola’s book comprises of four parts:

Semi-Colon: A Forward
Part I: Knowing What to Believe
Part II: When Anger Prevents You from Hearing Your Own Voice
Part III: A Disruption of an African Story: An Interview with Trish Lorenz

Each individual part, as well as the entirety of the ebook, is a testament to the passion, hard work, and dedication Shoola has to contribute to this topic. Speak Up: One Year after the Controversy is a means to counter the misinformation Shoola believes shrouded the publication of Soro Soke: The Young Disruptors of an African Megacity and aims to get readers to see the latter from a new and different perspective.


Download and read Speak Up: One Year after the Controversy here.