University of Wisconsin Press has launched a new series titled Women and Gender in Africa. African-born authors are welcome to submit their manuscripts to the series.

UW Press is a not-for-profit publisher of books and journals. Books are selected using a careful process of review by Press staff, outside experts, and a board of University of Wisconsin faculty.

Women and Gender in Africa seeks to publish innovative book-length works, based in original research, primarily in the areas of history, politics, and cultural studies. The series will be edited by UW–Madison professors Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué and Aili Mari Tripp.

Topics may include women and religion, sexuality, LGBTQI+ concerns, human rights, migration, health, the family, the environment, law, conflict resolution, race and ethnicity, women’s movements and feminism, and globalization. Projects addressing agency are particularly welcome, including authority, political and spiritual leadership, economic activity, and forms of knowledge and healing.

Submissions may include the following criteria:

  • Address questions and debates of broad theoretical, empirical, and methodological significance of interest to a wide readership.
  • Demonstrate the comparative implications of women’s experiences across and beyond the African continent.
  • Incorporate discussions of literature and popular culture, representation and identity construction, and testimony and life writing are encouraged.

Manuscripts will be selected based on the significance of the topic, quality of scholarship, clarity and style of presentation, list balance, and marketability.

For info about submission, please contact Nathan MacBrien, Editor-in-Chief of UW Press, here. For other queries, please contact the series editors, Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué and Aili Mari Tripp.

To inquire about potential interest in your project, you may submit a brief e-mail query of 1-3 paragraphs describing your project, or you may proceed directly to a proposal.

Submit to Nathan MacBrien here.