Lost in thoughts, a sylph with a voice full of soft gentle wind,
Appears like an oasis amidst a waterless odyssey.
My heartbeats become the thunder of horses’ hooves.
I give her all the listening ears of the dead of night.
‘Even you’ve got the heart of a dead wood,
Let me be your chanterelle,’ she beams like twilight,
Shooting the breeze sotto voiced like dead silence.
It dawns on me that serenity is the voice of Eden.
And truly, this angel carries paradise in her belly.
She croons, gently, a spellbinding ballad from her vocal orchestra
Which echoes the symphony of the Canary Islands.
So sweet this smile holds more promise than a sugar cane
Plantation. Like a soft wind sighing into a naked flame,
She whispers sweet nothings, deep into my ocean trench.
Her eyeballs like nightfall in the Red Sea, full of yolks
Cast by the sun. Or the roaring tongues of a yellow flame.
‘O, love at first sight is the dawn of Utopia,’
My heart leaps like a racing stallion & pops into a bushfire.
I prefer worshipping the Sirius giving smile to her darkest nights
To a yore of honeymoon with the seven Athenian muses.











Photo by vorster vanzyl on Unsplash