Omenana Magazine just released its 28th issue and it is a stunning mix of speculative fiction discussing aquatic elements, atmospheric horror, and more.

Omenana Magazine is Africa’s leading speculative fiction magazine published quarterly by Seven Hills Media. Founded in 2014 by Mazi Nwonwu, Omenana derives its name from the Igbo word which means “tradition.” The magazine publishes speculative fiction by writers from Africa and the African diaspora.

This edition marks a decade since Omenana’s creation. One of the editors Iquo DianaAbasi remarks in this issue’s editorial note, “Omenana was an experiment that we didn’t know will last this long. Despite the struggle it has been to keep doing this for 10 years, we do believe our worst days are behind us and Omenana will continue to be what it set out to be: a platform for everyone who dares to tell stories that defies normalcy.”

This issue brings stories that are thrilling, to say the least. The short and spicy piece New Beginning explores the exhuming of a murder victim or a hatching – read it to find out which. Pasi Pemvura (Beneath the Water) is all about the relations between humans and mermaids/mermen and the politics of environmental decay, while Things We See Under Water shifts the water theme into a submerged home in the form of a futuristic Ijawland.

While Koko’s Body is meant to transport the reader to a ghostly, metaphysical story, Obera will make you wonder how any living creature is supposed to keep faithful watch over bird’s eggs in the height of famine. All five stories speak to the immense growth taking place in the genre of African speculative fiction.

The latest issue is edited by the Omenana team – Mazi Nwonwu, Chinelo Onwualu, and Iquo DianaAbasi. Read the full editorial content below:

New Beginnings | by Trisha Simone

Things We See Under Water | Prosper C. Ìféányí

Koko’s Body | Nkereuwem Albert

Pasi Pemvura | Valerie Chatindo

Obera | Florence Onyango

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