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Dying Flowers | by Martins Ekong | African Poetry

I DON’T know how I got here believe me, yesterday I lived in birds’ songs which means my heart once had feathers today I’m a house filled with questions and children cry into my bones covering their mouth I don’t know if they cry of sorrow or shame an ocean grows in me I’m the […]

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Upon Waking | By Kirby Mania | Poetry

In the morning I write you love letters, Letters that tell how I dream of you Pen to paper prolonging these sweet invented singular memories. By afternoon the pages sweat with risk of the plural Apostrophes implicating and vowels incriminated against consonants fearing circulation In the evening reduced They are all but one dimensional folly Attempts, callow […]

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Roses | by Kofi Sey Simpson | An African Poem

Red is the favorite White or pink are there for the choosing Gentle in touch, founded in the midst of thorns. Waking lights wake her essence, To be carried in the midst of guided winds In blossoming variations, careless hands ransack her core And drop by drop her layering skin falls at the feet of […]

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Resigning | by Nana Akyempo | A Poem

I am resigning. From living and tasting like rejection. I am leaving myself as a most memorable aftertaste on life’s unkind tongue. I am hanging my petty quotes in the overcrowded wardrobe of poetic tantrums. They will brew my story the morning after as stale jokes. The zombies will slurp on my hot black without […]

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Under Your Smile I Build My Poems | by Emmanuel Etop Idem | A Poem

Under your living lips: a miracle of creation, Red, as fierce desire I take my lyrical roots and erect an empire of tasty words flowing freely from my nectar. Under your talking eyes: the mirror to existence, A path leading to enlightenment; White, as untapped innocence I plant my words, fertilized by hope. Seeking a […]

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Writing Inside the Guts of a Crow

Ali Ahmad Sa’id also known as Adonis is a Syrian poet. The country he speaks of in the first poem, “A Prophecy,” sounds so much like my own country. Maybe that’s why I cannot read the poem without plunging into sad contemplation. As far as imagery goes, both poems are “gruesomely sensory.” Imagery that evoke […]

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Scholarship and Mentorship Opportunity with Ellah P. Wakatama OBE (Open to Black British Writers)

Scholarship and Mentorship Opportunity with Ellah P. Wakatama (1)

The Literary Consultancy (TLC) has launched a new scholarship aimed at providing “writers on low-income and/or from communities currently under-represented […]

Watch Joseph Adesunloye’s Documentary Film on The AKO Caine Prize

Caine Prize documentary film (2)

A few weeks ago, the AKO Caine Prize organizers announced that the award dinner held at the British Library will […]

Two African Writers Featured in Beyoncé’s Black Is King Visual Album

Yrsa Daley-Ward and Warsan Shire's Poetry Featured in Beyoncé's Black Is King Visual Album (1)

Beyoncé’s new visual album Black Is King is making waves, but the exciting part is that there are two African […]

Ethiopian Author Mihret Sibhat’s Signs Book Deal for Debut Novel The History of a Difficult Child

Ethiopian Author Mihret Sibhat's Signs Book Deal for Debut Novel The History of a Difficult Child

Ethiopian author Mihret Sibhat’s debut novel The History of a Difficult Child, about “a girl child contending with familial & […]

Idza Luhumyo Wins Inaugural Margaret Busby New Daughters of Africa Award


Idza Luhumyo was recently announced as the winner of the inaugural Margaret Busby New Daughters of Africa Award. The award […]

Video | Zimbabwean Novelist Tsitsi Dangarembga Released After Her Arrest on July 31

tsitsi dangaremgba released after arrest

Days after Zimbabwean novelist Tsitsi Dangarembga was longlisted for the Booker Prize, she was arrested while protesting. The arrest took […]

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