The Princess of China video was released a few days ago. In the video, Rihanna and Chris Martin star as warrior-lovers in an old kungfu movie trailer. For a music video, Princess of China is kinda cinematically cool. Rihanna looks divine in some pretty badass geisha-inspired costumes. And Chris looks the hottest he’s ever been. Draped in a dark robe, his signature enigmatic aura shoots up to the power of 10. I’d say the video is replay-worthy. Why not? The chemistry between the two is…I guess you’ll just have to watch the video.

Interestingly, though, not every one is excited about the monster collaboration between two of the world’s most loved pop-stars. To keep things tidy, I divided the haters into to different categories.

The Peeved Faction of Coldplay Fandom: They think Rihanna is the kryptonite of rock music. She’s artistically inferior to Coldplay, who, they fear, is a sellout for working with her. It helps their sleep at night to think of Rihanna as a femme fatale who had to have lured a helpless Chris Martin into making a song with her. There can’t possibly be any other way to explain why Coldplay would collaborate with a fellow pop-star they probably really admire. Check out the comments on this rock music website HERE. Some of them are quite funny.

The Culture Police: Their issue is more educational in nature. They are deeply bothered that neither Coldplay nor Rihanna know their geography. Why are there Geishas and a thousand-handed Bodhisattva in the video of a song called Princess of China? How can Rihanna be a Princess of China, a buddhist deity, and a geisha all at the same time?

WATCH: Princess of China by Coldplay ft. Rihanna. Dir. Adria Petty and Alan Bibby. Want more? WATCH the making of the video HERE.