Nigerian blogger, James Eze, writes an essay in which he passionately expresses his love for Adichie and her work. Keyword here is: passionately. I’ve pared down the essay for your enjoyment. What do you guys think? Cute or cloying? #FanInLove



1. “No storyteller on the continent in the last ten years has gripped the imagination of Africa like Chimamanda Adichie.”

2. “Her Nigerian reading tours are major events with fans swarming the venues as if at a musical concert. During one of her recent readings in Lagos, a young woman broke down in tears at meeting her for the first time.”

3. “Adichie’s striking personality, speeches and media interviews have enthralled audiences across the world.”

4. “Her books are prescribed texts for secondary schools all over Africa. Scores of African PhD students anchor their thesis on her work.”

5. “Her multiple prize-winning novel, Half of a Yellow Sun, has now been turned into a motion picture in a path-breaking collaboration between Nigerian and British filmmakers.”

6. “Scholars have written books on her.”

7. “Children who were born after her infiltration of our national consciousness were named after her. Even Hollywood stars are fans; Will Smith recently called her to tell her so.”

8. “Close observers see a degree of similarity in Chinua Achebe’s “opening of doors” to writers on the continent in his role as the pioneer editor of Heinemann African Writer’s series – and Adichie’s hugely successful workshop, which has sired a new generation of writers.”

10. “Adichie…is also known to have helped other African writers, including Teju Cole, author of the critically acclaimed Open City. She not only recommended Cole to her literary agency, but also hosted a pre-publication luncheon in New York that introduced editors to his new novel.”

11. “She encouraged [Elnathan John] and introduced him to her own literary agent in New York, which -by the way- many writers of her standing simply do not do.”

12. “Adichie’s rumored rejection of an attempt by the Nigerian government to confer a national honour on her is reminiscent of Achebe’s famous rejection of national honours by the Nigerian government.”

13. “Adichie is Africa’s most read novelist among her generation. Her work has been translated into over 30 languages across the world and has received awards in Africa, Europe and the United States.”

14. “For taking on the intimidating horror of the Biafran war, Chinua Achebe described Adichie as ‘fearless.’”

15. “Her seemingly fragile frame and striking beauty may not prepare an observer for her forthrightness. Those who know her well say that Adichie has no falseness or guile…”

16. “In doing what many writers have not done, Adichie has earned a place in the hearts of many who love and adore her. She has also earned the respect of those who are either undecided about her or do not have a friendly disposition towards her.”

17. “Eghosa Imasuen, author of Fine Boys, says that because of Adichie, a generation of writers have met and formed a community.”

18. “Poet and novelist, Uche Peter Umez agrees: “Chimamanda’s impact on the literary scene has been nothing short of phenomenal.”

19. “Said Tolu Ogunlesi: “Her success has given a lot of us the confidence that our stories are worth writing.””

20. “Before her emergence, I had long decided that Nigeria’s rich tradition of storytelling ended with the Chinua Achebe generation.”

21″Viewed against the backdrop of the literary famine that preceded her emergence, there are many people for whom Adichie represents the bold new voice of Nigerian writing. ”

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