Cup of Tea Effiong Crimson

Daniel Effiong’s psychological thriller, Crimson, has been shortlisted for the Afrinolly award. Effiong is part of a new generation of African filmmakers doing interesting things with the form. My first encounter with Effiong’s work is the dark comedy series, Goddammit It’s Monday. In Crimson, which he directs, he explores the mysterious world of police interrogation.

Crimson is a set of short films that capture the mystery surrounding certain events in Nigeria’s dark past. It’s an intense and beautiful exploration into the psychology of criminal interrogation. The episode shortlisted is the second of the three and is loosely based on Obasanjo’s phantom coup, an event that has long passed on into urban legend, but that Effiong reawakens in an eerily captivating 12 minutes of cinematic awesomeness.

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