Damilare Kuku.

Nigerian publisher Ouida Books has launched a new imprint geared toward commercial fiction. Named Lufu, the imprint is now open for submissions.

Ouida has six other dynamic imprints till date – the children’s imprint Tanja, the nonfiction imprint Cognix, the fiction imprint Ouida, the poetry imprint Ouida Poetry, the self-publish imprint Tevani, and the Africanfuturism imprint Phoenix.

Lufu is the commercial side of Ouida and dedicated to publishing Nigerian romance, crime, and chick lit stories. In fact it’s the home to Damilare Kuku’s upcoming debut novel Only Big Bum Bum Matters Tomorrow, a funny story exploring a young Nigerian woman’s desire to reinvent herself through a Brazilian butt lift.

Lufu is an Old English word which means deep affection. Ouida remarked on their Instagram that this imprint might feature a range of stories and genres:

Think: Chick lit novels with girl bosses that run the show. Romance novels set in Nigeria with lots of sex, fake marriages and Yoruba demons. Mystery novels and your everyday stories that are filled with family drama and oversabi aunties.

If you have a manuscript that fits the theme and tells stories that spark joy, laughters, and steam, consider submitting to the imprint now.

Submission Guidelines:

  • In your query letter (in the body of the email), introduce yourself. Please tell us everything you think we ought to know about the work in question (story premise and story blurb). Consider mentioning why you think you are best placed to write this work. Two files should be submitted.
  • File 1: A one-page synopsis of the work you are submitting, in Microsoft Word. Please include all major plot points in your synopsis, including spoilers.
  • File 2: A sample of the work in question. This should be the first 3 chapters, or the first 50 pages, or the first 10,000 words, whichever is longer.
  • Your submission should be traditionally formatted. Send your manuscript sample in double-spaced, indented paragraphs, left-justified only, Times New Roman text on A4. Please adhere strictly to these specifications, as your submission might be considered invalid if you do not.
  • You can only submit one manuscript at a time.

To submit, send an email with the subject heading “Submission: [title of your work]” to [email protected].

Good luck to all applicants!