Want to spice up your literary experience and make reading LITERALLY pleasurable? Here is what you do:

1. Pick up a novel: make sure it’s a novel that means something to you. The theme of the novel doesn’t matter. It could be something as erotic as Fifty shades of Grey, as silly as Bridget Jones Diary, as depressing as Jude the Obscure, or as political as Petals of Blood.

2. “Cadillac of Vibrators”: you’ve selected your novel, and possibly even a passage. Now place  the much loved Hitachi Magic Wand or any vibrator for that matter on the right location. Turn it on while reading aloud—and zing your way to a climactic reading experiences.

Okay, you just had the experience of Clayton Cubitt’s participants in a 12-part video art project called Hysterical Literature. Cubitt, a NYC-based artist, records 12 different women reading a passage from a novel of their choice while being stimulated by a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. They read until they reach orgasm.


Cubbit says the project “explores feminism” by countering the culture of shame built around the idea of feminine sexuality.

There is also, of course, the idea of of synching the intellectual act of reading and the bodily act of sexual stimulation. He is interested in the idea of distracting the mind with the body. How long would it take until reading becomes distracted by sexual pleasure? How long before the pleasure of the body completely takes over the act of reading?

Cubitt says the women featured in the video are not porn stars. “One reader is an adult performer and writer, one works in fashion, one is an actress and comedian, several are artists and filmmakers, one is a burlesque dancer and model.”

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