Last time, I brought you Adichie’s fashion blog—Chimamanda Style Files—managed by “her team.” Hopefully you’ve been popping by the blog from time to time to keep up with Adichie’s wardrobe.

This time, I’m pleased to share with you Adichie’s literary blog that she writes in the persona of Ifemelu.

Remember when you read Ifemelu’s fictional blogposts in Americanah? Did you find yourself wishing there were, in reality, such a blog written by Adichie-as-Ifemelu?

Your dream has come true.

Head on to The Small Redmeptions of Lagos, a wordpress blog that fits the novel’s description of Ifemelu’s blog: “a stark, readable font” with a “dreamy photograph of an abandoned colonial house” as the header.


Modeled after the blog started by Ifemelu upon her return to Nigeria, The Small Redemptions of Lagos appears to pick up where Americanah left off, and in its first entry details Ifemelu and her love interest Obinze’s current cohabitation. As a companion piece to the lush novel, The Small Redemptions of Lagos expertly weaves fact and fiction into each short post, and besides Obinze, other secondary characters pop up in posts relating to style, health and beauty. Beyond that, its focus spans from the personal to the political, and, as Ifemelu herself describes in Americanah, “the blog posts are in a stark, readable font” with a “dreamy photograph of an abandoned colonial house” serving as the site’s header. In one blog entry, Ifemelu sounds a call to action to the Nigerian Health Minister addressing the current Ebola epidemic, while in an another titled POTFRN 1, Ifemelu sketches a humorous vignette of a female President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria whose first order of business is to curtail the pompous trend of congratulatory newspaper ads. — Okay Africa

For Adichie who has refused to open a personal Twitter account, writing a blog is a bold move towards connecting with fans.

For Adichie’s fans who can’t get enough of her and her work, Small Redemptions of Lagos is certainly a gift.