Nigerian blogger and On-Air personality, Wana Udobang, stars in this short film adaptation of a fictional confessional titled “Shrink.”

The project began as a short story that was published here on Brittle Paper. How awesome is that!

I remember receiving this submission titled “Shrink,” about a woman’s angst-ridden attempt to love her body in spite of being told that her body was not lovable. I read it and knew I had to published it.

{Read “Shrink” HERE}

Inspired by a friend’s work {HERE}, Wana decided to do a film adaptation of the story.

Wana directs with Imoh Umoren doing the shooting and editing.

The film features a woman standing before the mirror and stripped both in body and in soul. She voices dark, unsettling, and private thoughts about what it means to inhabit a body that the world imagines to be unlovely.

Whenever the camera is used as a mirror, the outcome always so courageous.

Thumbs up to Wana! I love these kinds of creative projects.