Thanks to interviewers asking the same questions over and over again—Beyonce feature, Half of a Yellow Sun movie, race, and hair— Adichie’s interviews in the past year have been sounding, shall I say, a bit like a broken record.

Maybe that’s why I find this video so refreshingly honest and sincere. Adichie looks relaxed in the video as she reflects on everything from her mother’s sense of beauty, her flawless skin, her fashion sense, her being full of laughter to beauty in sentences and emotions in fiction.

My favorite moment is when she says that it still surprises her when someone tells her she’s beautiful. Cute 🙂

At some point, she says: “I find melancholy to be very beautiful, melancholy in literature, melancholy in stories, in songs, even in people. In find it very beautiful.”

Wouldn’t have pegged Adichie as someone drawn to a mournful sense of loss.

Towards the end, she reflects on the various reactions to her recent novel, Americanah, commenting on which ones surprised her the most.

Don’t miss the very end of the interview when she says in between chuckles: “I can’t even make an intellectual argument in Igbo. I can gossip in Igbo. I can make fun and laugh and tease but say something sort of profound, I can’t.”

Watch and enjoy!

From Louisiana Channel


Post image: Chimamanda Style Files