Ikhide Ikheloa is a literary critic. Linda Ikeji is the Queen of Nigerian online tabloid. Their worlds couldn’t be more apart. But last month, Ikhide took to twitter to declare his love for Linda Ikeji.

And in a moment of great charm and romantic flair, she responds:

Ikhide’s declaration of love has got to be the perfect ending to Linda’s somewhat near-tragic experiences in the past few weeks.  

Amidst accusations of piracy, Linda’s blog was shut down. But before haters could dance on the grave of a blog so cherished among Nigerian tabloid readers, Linda Ikeji’s Blog sprang back to life.

I should perhaps note that during all the drama with the blog, Ikhide was one of Linda’s emissaries, journeying across Facebook and Twitter, condemning the injustice and shouting down the angry mob calling for blood.

While he cannot be said to have been the knight who rescued Linda from her distress with Google, Ikhide proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he had his woman’s back.

This Linda and Ikhide saga just might end like a Victorian novel—with a marriage! A marriage of two great literary minds—Linda who is “the most influential African writer on earth” and Ikhide who, I assume, is the most influential African literary critic on earth.

I love Linda’s blog and Ikhide’s social media commentaries/rants, so this is good news.

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!