The African literary scene is on fire!

Just last week, we announced Lauren Beukes’ collaboration with DC Comics—involving an African spin on the Wonder Woman super hero franchise. [click here if you missed it.]

So imagine how delighted we are to announce the release of Short Story Day Africa‘s killer collection of speculative fiction by African writers.

For those who do not know, Short Story Day Africa (SSDA) is a literary project run by Rachel Zadok, Tiah Beautement, and Nick Mulgrew.

To put it quite simply, SSDA is a gift to lovers of African fiction.

Ever since two of their writers were shortlisted for the Caine Prize—one went on to win—we’ve relied more and more on their writing contests and anthologies to introduce us to those little known African writers doing amazing work.

terra-incognita-ssda_20141123The new anthology, edited by Nerine Dorman, is titled Terra Incognita: New Short Speculative Stories from Africa, a play on the “ancient cartographic term denoting uncharted territories.

The idea was to explore African life beyond the realism of the everyday. And the outcome is a mouth-watering collection of titles featuring “vampires, tokoloshi, ghosts, unnatural obsessions and the unspeakable things that lurk beneath land and in the water.”

Terra Incognita is a 19-story collection exploring a wide rang of speculative fiction—magical realism, science fiction, dark horror. Among the 19 authors are few familiar names like Cat Hellisen, Diane Awerbuck and Gail Dendy, but there are also emerging voices like Dilman Dila, Nick Mulgrew and Chinelo Onwaulu.

Titles like “Leatherman,” “What If You Slept?,” “Ape Shit,” “In The Water,” “The Corpse”, “I am Sitting Here Looking at a Graveyard” promise a whole lot of hair-raising and heart-stopping fun.

Click HERE to order and enjoy reading!