If you love your men handsome and literary-minded, come right in here. I’ve got something for you.

The Instagram account @hotdudesreading is something I found during one of my frequent visits to vogue.com. After just two months of opening, the instagram page, run by a group of NYC-based book lovers, has attracted over half a million followers. Why not? It displays tons of good looking men caught reading on the NYC metro.

Those of us who were brought up to think that life is always a trade off—if he’s handsome, he’s probably dumb—are scandalized by these pictures of handsome hunks and sexy cuties reading everything from Wislawa Szymborska’s Maps to Aleksandar Hemon’s The Making of Zombie Wars.

By the way, scrolling through the 77 images posted on @hotdudesreading totally counts as reading. So feel free to set aside that novel you’ve been reading and feast your eyes on these man-candies.

Have a lovely weekend!