For almost 5 years, we’ve used Brittle Paper to share our love and passion for African fiction and literary culture. Our reward? Keeping you enthusiastic about African literature.

That’s why it warmed our hearts to no end when we found this on one of our favorite African blogs:

What does novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie eat when she is bored? What is the craziest thing in so and so’s newest novel? Why have African writers started to write excellent sex scenes? Which African writer swore never to wear a neck-tie at reading events? Ainehi Edoro, the editor and founder of Brittle Paper, looks out for the most interesting and intriguing facts and sleaze about African writers and writing that will make you go and buy an African book. An academic, Edoro is passionate about African literature and her blog is one of the most read sites about African Literature. Brittle Paper makes African literature look and feel cool. It is definitely an essential part of a growing literary culture on and off the continent. Nowadays, Brittle Paper publishes more than news, interviews, reviews and reportage. Nigerian writer Obinna Udenwe’s has had several series of his work published on the site, including a recent one about church erotica. Find out more about Brittle Paper here.

— , This is Africa

Mwesigire totally gets us! Why not? He is a keen observer and a key part of the African literary scene. His blogposts on This is Africa are always so in tune with the trends.

It’s nice to know that people see the work we do here as “an essential part of [Africa’s] growing literary culture.”

Thanks to Mwesigire and the folks at This is Africa for these kind words.

Most of all, thanks to you, our readers! You make this all worth it 🙂