Today, Brittle Paper plays host to Nigerian author Obinna Udenwe. We are the third stop in his week-long blog tour publicizing the Nigerian edition of his conspiracy crime thriller titled Satans and Shaitans.

I know you have questions about everything—from the provocative title of the book to the very idea of a Nigerian crime thriller—and, yes, Udenwe is on hand to indulge your curiosity about his exciting novel, but here is what we are going to do.

First, we will give those of you who haven’t read the book a quick summary of the juicy plot. If you scroll further down, you can listen to Udenwe read a snippet of Satans and Shaitans. Feel free to write any questions or comments you might have in the comment section. Udenwe will respond to you as best as he can.

Okay, let’s go!


For those of you who are yet to read the novel, Satans and Shaitans tells the story of Chief Donald Amechi and Chris Chuba, members of an international fraternity. Chuba is an evangelist and preacher of international acclaim who teams up with Amechi in order to seize control of the nation’s seat of power. Together they co-opt the indirect services of an Islamic terrorist organization. The Islamists believe they are helping the government of their ‘brother’ but are in reality serving the ambitions of these two men.

As it happens, in the midst of this conflict, love blooms between the children of these two Southern power brokers. The fraternity finds out and demands the life of the evangelist’s daughter, Adeline. He reluctantly yields. However, even though the assassins detailed to the dirty assignment die in a car crash before they can carry it out, Adeline Chuba goes missing, and eventually turns up dead. Now there is a big question haunting the Chief and the preacher. Someone has stuck their hands in this pie. Who is it?

In a tightly woven tale of conflicts, terrorism, ambition, suicide bombings, love, treachery and political maneuverings, Satans and Shaitans is a crime thriller with twists reminiscent of Agatha Christie. Choices must be made and people who make them must face the consequences.


Listen to Obinna Udenwe read a snippet Satans and Shaitans.

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Evangelist Chuba came back from visiting one of his churches. It was late, but he was feeling wide awake and energized. He removed his jacket and walked to the bedroom. Franca was already in bed, wearing a thin nightdress, the covers thrown off her. He looked at her for a while, allowing her beauty to take effect. Her rosary was beside the pillow. He knew she’d forgotten to hide it. He grabbed it and ripped it apart. The beads bounced and rolled across the room. The rattling sound woke Franca.

Hey! What’s that?’ she asked sleepily. ‘Oh, welcome home.’

She raised her head and saw the scattered beads of the rosary. She said nothing. Her husband was removing his clothes.

‘Get undressed,’ he said and unbuckled his belt.

She was not surprised. It was an act she had got used to. ‘I am not in the mood.’ She rubbed her palms over her eyes.

‘But I am in the mood.’ His trousers were already down. He pulled down his underwear revealing the clear sign of his desire. As he leaned over the bed to remove her nightdress, she said nothing.

His hands travelled up her smooth legs. His breathing became slightly more urgent. She flinched.

‘I am your husband. Both of us know what the Holy Book says on this. So just do as I say!’ He pulled her white lace pants past her hips, and then down the length of her legs. Climbing on top of his wife, he slid into her as she let out a sharp cry.

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Again, join us in giving Udenwe a warm welcome!