Here is a call for submission we thought some of you might want to check out. Transition is a decades-old magazine dedicated to Africa-related content and housed at Harvard University. They are looking for essays, fiction, interviews, or visual art exploring the idea of religion.

See below for all the details on how to submit your work.

Good luck!

Transition invites submissions reflecting on the role of religion in Africa and the African diaspora. We are particularly interested in essays, interviews, poetry, fiction, and visual art which engage the following themes from a fresh geographic, cultural, and social perspective:

• The role and meaning of religion in the African Diaspora, with a particular focus on religion in “homing” new spaces
• Diaspora religion as a “globalizing force” in the context of modernity
• Conflict, migration, and resettlement triggered by inter-religious and intra-religious confrontation.

We prefer submissions that demonstrate the ever flexible structure, function, and borders of contemporary diaspora religious practices. What new forms have diaspora religions acquired in the process of migration? Do religious beliefs function as solace or aggravation in the new geographic and cultural contexts? What are the impacts of diaspora religions on their surrounding spiritual landscape?

Full manuscripts will be accepted at the link below until January 1st, 2017. The issue will publish in late 2017.