Okada Books and Brittle Paper are joining forces to bring fans of African storytelling a delightful reading experience. We are happy to announce a Brittle Paper imprint published exclusively on Okada Books, an online reading app boasting 1 million downloads, over 200,000 subscribers, and 19,000 books.

The five launch titles include The Beautiful Ones Have Not Yet Died by Ayodele Olofintuade, Memoirs of a Lagos Wedding Planner by Tolulope Popoola, The Night My Dead Girlfriend Called by Feyisayo Anjorin, In the Shadow of Iyanibi by Eugene Odogwu, and Holy Sex by Obinna Udenwe.  All five titles are generally genre fiction, ranging from sci-fi to erotica. Two new titles will be added in the next few weeks.

Brittle Paper regulars may notice that these titles were originally published on the Brittle Paper’s Story Series. These collections of stories did very well on the site. They delighted readers and demonstrated the breadth of African storytelling. By moving the stories to Okada Books, we look forward to introducing the stories to a brand new audience. But the best part of the Okada x Brittle Paper partnership is that the writers have a chance to make money from their beautiful work. Each book is available for purchase at 600 Naira. We can’t stress enough how important this is. The more we can find ways for writers to make money with their work the more sustainable the African publishing industry becomes.

We can’t imagine a more natural partnership. When it comes to the African literary scene, Brittle Paper is a respected tastemaker. We know good story and tell people where to find it. Over the years, we have published some really fresh and exciting stories on our site. Okada, on the other hand, is a pioneer of innovation in Nigerian publishing. They have succeeded in streamlining the process of publishing, selling, buying and reading books into one free, easy-to-use app. The Brittle Paper imprint expands their inventory with mouthwatering stories while their platform finds new audiences for our authors and the possibility of financial reward.

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By the way, you should hurry. You can get any of these titles for just 200 naira. Sales lasts till June 26th.

Browse the launch titles of the imprint:

Adunni: The Beautiful Ones Have Not Yet Died by Ayodele Olofintuade | BUY 

Adunni is a ruthless and powerful Abiku. Born to life as a human child, Adunni is fated to die soon after her birth only to be reborn for yet another cycle of death and rebirth. She is a scourge to mothers and a curse to families. For millennia, she has had a good run. No bereaved family or powerful Babalawo has tried to prevent her return to the spirit world. But her luck runs out when she is born into the Lamorin family. In this gripping story of betrayal and lust for power, power-hungry gods are pitted against selfish humans. A pastor’s fervor is set against a Babalawo’s wisdom. A mother’s undying love is tried by a child’s terrifying power.


In the Shadows of Iyanibi by Eujene Odogwu | BUY

Ihumbi’s search for her missing sister in the ancient Iyanibi forest leads her right into the lair of the forest-dwelling demon-goddess, Urunma—Stealer of the Souls of Lost Children, a mother’s worst nightmare and a child’s greatest fear. The story captures the enchanting gloom of an old forest and a brave girl’s attempt to confront the ancient horror that lies deep within its shadows.


The Night My Dead Girlfriend Called by Feyisayo Anjorin | BUY

It is the 22nd century. Nigeria is divided by the government’s plan to introduce law enforcement robots into the police services. Badoo, a young police officer, gets a phone call from his dead and buried girlfriend. The persistence of the calls slowly turns Badoo’s affection for the deceased to hatred and fear. Badoo has to summon the courage to deal with the undying girlfriend situation by seeking the help of Pa Fakunle, a witchdoctor, a man of secrets who says far less than he knows. Meanwhile, Badoo has to convince the world that he’s not gone insane.


Diary of a Lagos Wedding Planner by Tolulope Popoola | BUY

Memoirs of a Lagos Wedding Planner is a collection of delightful flash fiction pieces. It takes you behind the scenes of the weddings you attend or hear about in Lagos. Meet the wedding party through the eyes of the planner — from the reluctant groom, to the crazy in-laws, to the unfaithful bride and much more. It’s bound to make you gasp, laugh and cringe!

Holy Sex by Obinna Udenwe | BUY

“Who can say no to God’s anointed?” Blessing is new in town and Saving Grace, Inc., the hippest church in Lagos, seems the right place to find friends. Soon enough, Pastor Samuel, general overseer and a very married man, begins working miracles in her bed every other night. When he leaves her for Zainab, and then Damilola, Chinazo, Sade, and even 52-year-old Janice, Blessing is hellbent on taking her revenge. But who can dare to fight a powerful and ruthless Man of God and live to tell the tale?