Clarice Gargard at the TEDx Amsterdam Women Talk. Photo credit: Maurice Mikkers.

The Liberian Dutch-American journalist and social advocate Clarice Gargard recently shared her story of Liberia’s civil wars in a TEDx Amsterdam Women Talk. Based on the experience of her father who worked for the rebel leader and dictator Charles Taylor, her talk stressed the importance of sharing that which makes us human. It is a subject she explores in her Gouden Kalf-winning 2019 documentary Daddy & the Warlord, co-directed with Shamira Raphaela, and in her book Drakendochter, which is undergoing translation into English as Dragon’s Daughter and explores morals, conflict, spirituality, and migration through the lens of her family’s history.

The TEDx Amsterdam Women conference, which recently turned ten, uses the TED conference format but is independently organized by a local community. Also speaking at the event were Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, the Dutch visual artist Raquel van Haver, the journalist Belinda Otas, and Edna Adan Ismail, former minister of Somaliland and UN and WHO ambassador.

Clarice Gargard currently works as a Correspondent Resistance and NRC columnist. She was an editor and presenter for AT5, BNNVARA (Joop), and Vogue, and contributed to Vice, the South African 702 Talk Radio, and Afropunk. Her work is centered around criticizing power structures, human rights and social justice, and intersectional feminism, which she also describes as “customized emancipation.” She is co-founder, with Hasna El Maroudi, of the feminist multimedia platform and zine Lilith. In 2019, she was the Dutch women’s representative and gave a speech on women’s rights and the importance of systemic change at the United Nations General Assembly. A winner of a Black Achievement Award and a nominee for the Joke Smit Prize, she is a board member of the Prince Claus Fund and a part of the Supervisory Board of the Holland Festival.

Watch the Talk below: