Chimamanda Adichie and Lupita Nyongo have a lot in common. They are currently working on a TV series. They are both award-winning writers, fashionistas, leading members of the natural hair gang, and have openly expressed their mutual admiration.

They are also there for each other. During Nyongo’s visit to Lagos, Adichie played the role of friend and host. She treated Nyongo to an industry meet and greet attended by big Nollywood names.

When Nyongo’s birthday came around last weekend, like a trusty girlfriend, Adichie showed up at the club to support. Tons of photos have surfaced on social media showing Adichie and Lupita in countless selfies, celebrating at what looks like an exclusive, star-studded Lagos event.

It’s true friendship when you work hard together and play hard together.

Check out the photos!

[All photos via Instagram | @lupitanyongo ]