In this house, we sift our words,
Never letting the walls hear what they shouldn’t.
The fear of their eavesdropping
Is the beginning of wisdom.

In this house, we say “she is fine, thank you”
When the neighbors ask, the principal,
Our church pastor, mummy’s book club friends
The market women.

In this house, we do not talk about
How she bled till we got to the hospital,
How she was dead on arrival,
How she had used a wire hanger to do it.

In this house, we speak with caution,
Never letting the walls hear what they shouldn’t



Post Photo by Joss Woodhead on Unsplash

About the Author:

Inok Rosemary is an accounting graduate from Babcock University currently serving in Osun state. She enjoys reading African Literature and poetry. Her other hobbies include crocheting and drawing. She hopes to write a book one day and have it published.