Poda-Poda Stories is a new digital platform curating Sierra Leonean literature.

The platform was founded by Ngozi Cole, a Sierra Leonean writer whose word on gender and culture is widely published.

Poda-Poda Stories features stories, poems, essays & critical thought pieces, short films and featured photography. The goal of the platform, Ngozi Cole explains in an email to Brittle Paper, is “to make sure that Sierra Leonean writers, creatives and artists at home and in the diaspora, have central digital space carved out exclusively for them”.

They are currently open for submissions to Sierra Leonean writers for the following categories:

  •   Short fiction (1000 words max)
  •   Non-fiction (800 words maximum)
  •   Book reviews (600 words maximum)

Writers are to ensure that their work has been thoroughly proof-read for errors and clarity. Plagiarized work, as well as writing that contains elements of harmful stereotypes, will not be accepted.

Send submissions to [email protected].