“Carrie Bradshaw” of Sex & the City was spotted toting The Dragons, The Giant, The Women, Wayétu Moore’s debut memoir about her experience with surviving the Liberian civil war and her journey to healing and rebuilding.

Seeing these pics of SJP was a peak career moment for Moore. In sharing this news on her Instagram @wayetu, Moore wrote:

Sex & The City reruns were playing in the background for most of my 20s so seeing paparazzi images of SJP strolling around NYC with my memoir in hand makes the eager, wide-eyed, just-moved-to-NYC 20 something y/o me dumbfounded and teary eyed 🥺❤️✨

Don’t let SJP get all the fun and insights reading this lovely book. Go here to get a copy.

Video and photo by Daily Mail via Instagram | @wayetu