Write Ghana is a literary non-profit that showcases, promotes and documents Ghanaian languages and literature.

One of their initiatives is an annual literary festival in collaboration with Goethe Institut as well as a short story prize for literature in Ghanaian languages.

They recently put out a call for submissions for an anthology of poetry in Ga language. Nikitta Adjirakor notes in an email to Brittle Paper that the anthology would be the first of its kind.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Each poet can submit up to three poems.
  • They accept poems written in Ga, translated poems into Ga and bilingual poems in Ga and another language.
  • Submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Deadline: July 15

Inquiries should be forwarded to [email protected]

Find them on social media: Twitter + Instagram: @writeghana | Facebook: @WriteGH