Nigerian novelist Chigozie Obioma has a few things to say regarding the recent #ENDSARS protests by young Nigerians against police brutality and corruption. He shared a 5-minute video on his Instagram page in which, speaking mostly in Nigerian pidgin English, he raises questions about the aftermath of the protests and the violent crackdown by the government.

Responding to the reports of a horde of hungry Nigerians swarming warehouses and whisking away COVID-19 relief materials that were hoarded by the government, Obioma questions not just the integrity of the government officials also the entire citizenry, because, according to him, anyone in the capacity of the government would do the exact same thing.

The crux of Obioma’s video is that Nigeria as a nation, leaders and citizens alike, should do better, from standing up to tyranny to refusing to be complicit in the face of injustice.

Watch the video below.