Wole Soyinka has a new book titled Trumpism in Academe. The book comes out a few months after his third novel, Chronicles of the Happiest People on Earth, was published in Nigeria.

Trumpism in Academe is number 10 in the Intervention series, which Soyinka launched to critique the misuse of power in Nigerian society following the wrongful deaths of M.K.O. Abiola and Bola Ige. Within the Intervention series, Trumpism in Academe is part of the Republic of Liars sub series.

A book-length essay written in a polemical style, Trumpism in Academe is Soyinka calling out academics who lay claim to intellectual prowess by distorting history, peddling falsehood, stoking sensationalism. Trumpism in Academe is centered on his response to an academic named Caroline Davis who, in a book titled African Literature and the CIA: Networks of Authorship and Publishing scholars, accuses Wole Soyinka of having untoward dealings with the CIA.

This is how Soyinka describes the book:

While our own “dear native land” must claim credit from inspiring the sub-series The Republic of Liars within the general series of interventions…There are challengers and even-champions – elsewhere, seeking to wrest the laurel of lies from our own inspirational nation.

Within these pages, I present my chastening paracletes and their industry—from the world of sophisticates of modern intellection.

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