Denola Grey is a Nigerian fashion influencer turned writer. His debut book is titled Moonseeker and tells the story of a boy named Ara. Grey shared the news on Instagram, stating that “The Moonseker is a story about courage, the importance of kindness and the undeniable magic found within acts of bravery in light of adversity.” Even though it is a children’s book, Grey says that it contains “a lesson…for any and everyone of all ages .

The book comes out of a collaboration with Akiddie, a Nigerian digital platform focused on creating content for children. Grey hopes that the book will inspire readers to “keep [their] sense of wonder and that we are resilient and stand up against any form of injustice or anything blocking our freedom and most importantly, our joy.”

He adds: “there is so much magic around us; all we have to do is turn our gaze towards it, lean a little closer and realize that the magic is and has been within us all along. The stories we’ve heard, read and the ones we tell, shape much of our perspective of reality and a lot of how we see ourselves in it.”

Congrats to Grey! See the accompanying photos shared on instagram.