Nnedi Okorafor’s books are a favorite of readers who love science fiction or Africanfuturism, a term Okorafor uses to refer to Africa-centered science fiction. We recently found out that one of her readers is multiple award-winning Ghanaian rapper M.anifest, whose single “La Vida” was recently released and is making waves.

M.anifest tweeted a photograph of three books by Okorafor and a pair of reading glasses, with the comment: “new arrivals.”

The three books are Binti: The Complete Trilogy, the novella Remote Control, and Akata Witch. These are excellent choices. They all feature powerful female characters who love adventure. Binti, in particularly, is an Africanfuturism classic at this point. It blends elements of Himba culture with a space travel narrative about a girl who leaves home in search of a different life but ends up saving the world. Remote Control, Okorafor’s most recent novella, is a particularly interesting choice for M.anifest, seeing that it is set in Ghana!

It is great to see African creatives enjoy each other’s work. It turns out that Okorafor loves M.anifest’s work, as well. “My books are in the hands of one of my favorite rappers, @manifestive,” she beams on Instagram.

This kind of cross-artistic pollination can only be great for the culture. We wish M.anifest an enjoyable read!