Nigerian poet and performer Wana Udobang launches a new project called Comfort Food. She shared the news in an Instagram post in which she described Comfort Food as “a workshop where we use food as a conduit and channel into exploring memories, history, joy and healing.”

Udobang had been posting food photos and videos on Instagram for a while. But the idea of mixing food and poetry did not come to her until brother teased her about her Instagram posts and suggested that she consider doing something with her love for cooking and writing.

Comfort Food workshop fosters a space where participants “create poems that will become recipes for joy. Recipes we can always return to when we need comfort.”

So far, she has led two sessions. Both took place in Edinburg with the support of the Edinburg Festival. She said that it was an emotionally rich and rewarding experience. Ultimately, the workshop is about the power of storytelling:

Most of all I continue to marvel at the power of storytelling in giving language to our experiences, emotions and feelings. What I am discovering is that Comfort food isn’t just about poetry or for people who write. It is for any and everybody who is looking to connect with themselves through storytelling. I am looking forward to sharing space and learning new recipes of joy, love, growth and beauty from people and communities from across the world.

Congrats to Udobang. If you’re interested in booking a workshop, contact her via her website or Instagram.