My body is an empty dark room
where I seek light

my fellow brothers in Sudan & Congo & Palestine
once recorded as a grey bird exiled in the fog

a simulacrum of fireflies roaming an unknown body –
searching for a nest to call home

where is faith located in your body?

It’s located in the string of my vocal cords –
where I blend my accent to have a connection with God

a land of water now seems thirsty
a landlord becomes a nomad


/ Transition /
Heaven is cost. Life is bitter

Is that the life humans want?

[ the etiquette of existence ]

“the skin of life is beautiful but
do not let it attract you

the water of life is sweet but
do not let it drown you”

But human chases life, and falls, his hands on his knees –
breathing hard

Human was thirsty, heaven called him for free water

I pray for the healing of my people of Sudan of Congo of Palestine
to heal & heal & heal

ameen! ameen!! ameen!!!









Photo by Aishath Hameeda on Unsplash