i slip into you— your soul
translucent as the face of water
mirroring me into you
my soul, a constitution
of every amendment of your tenderness
i want to fill this slope
with a thousand metaphors for love
say sunrise. say river. say flowers
say fireflies
you ask me to bring you flowers
& i bring you a kiss—
your lip, my lip, tulips
your body, a garden of roses
mine, a cadaver of cactuses
your nectar, candying me into
wanting every concentrate of you
this feeling, undiluted
say night, say light
say moonlight
say a dying star, say a failing heart
say a failed falling poem
i say we become fireflies
lighting under a wishing star
i say we ignore the stars
i say we become a poem
& the poet strips us naked
i say we become the night
singing, syncing into music
i mean to sink under your silk
tonight, everything under the dark is /siŋkiŋ/
lips. music. bodies. souls.
i ask you to tune me in
to teach me how to hold water
you begin to dance
your body sways, betrays me,
slipping away
like night, like silk
like this poem
like a slope
like water



*/siŋkiŋ/— English transcription for ‘syncing’ and ‘sinking’











Photo by Anton Maksimov 5642.su on Unsplash