The New-York based publishers The Feminist Press are set to publish an English translation of the collected works of late Moroccan author and feminist icon Malika Moustadraf.

Titled Blood Feast: The Complete Stories of Malika Moustadraf, the book, described as a “cult classic” is a total compilation of all of Moustadraf’s short stories published during her lifetime. The stories within show Moustadraf at her best, interrogating concepts of gender and sexuality in conservative settings. The book is translated by Alice Guthrie and will be published in February 2022.

Malika Moustadraf in her lifetime was an acclaimed author and activist celebrated for her pioneering feminist perspectives on literature from North Africa with two books -a novel and story collection- to her credit. In 1986, she was diagnosed with kidney disease, and, after a kidney transplant proved unsuccessful, resorted to dialysis until her death in 2006.

The Feminist Press is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing works that promote equality. It is one of the oldest women’s publishing houses in the world and is associated with the City University of New York.

See a synopsis of Blood Feast below:

“Blood Feast is the complete collection of Moustadraf’s published short fiction: haunting, visceral stories by a master of the genre. A teenage girl suffers through a dystopian rite of passage, a man with kidney disease makes desperate attempts to secure treatment, and a mother schemes to ensure her daughter passes a virginity test.

Delighting in vibrant sensory detail and rich slang, Moustadraf takes an unflinching look at the gendered body, social class, illness, double standards, and desire, as lived by a diverse cast of characters. Blood Feast is a sharp provocation to patriarchal power and a celebration of the life and genius of one of Morocco’s preeminent writers.”

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