The Commonwealth Foundation invites writers to submit poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, and graphic fiction. The work should be “in conversation with the Commonwealth’s commitment to freedom of expression.” This means that the work should engage with the freedom to express “beliefs, sexuality or politics.”

A team of editors will select 24 pieces that will be published on adda between February and June 2022. Adda is the official magazine of the Commonwealth Foundation. Selected writers will be paid for their contributions.

The submissions guidelines stipulates: poetry (up to 2 poems, 5 pages maximum), literary non-fiction (2000-5000 words), short fiction (2000-5000 words) and graphic fiction (finished panels or samples of illustrations).

Go here for more details on submissions guidelines and how to send in your work.

Contact info: [email protected]

Deadline: 05 December 2021, 23:59, in your time zone.