Yrsa Daley-Ward is a British writer of Jamaican and Nigerian descent. Her fourth book titled The How: Notes on The Great Work of Meeting Yourself has been released. It was published by Penguin Books on November 2. Readers who fell in love with Daley-Ward’s poetry in books such as The Terrible, Bone, and in Beyoncé’s Black is King will find this work engaging.

How is an invitation to readers to seek self-knowledge and awareness. A self-help book, it promises to guide readers on their journey to discovering the version of the self that does not answer to the dictates of limiting societal conditioning. Through reflections, poetry, and writing prompts, the book offers a guide on how readers might shift their perspectives into a more responsive, inward-affirming mindset. It challenges the uncontested belief in leading a life based on pleasing those around us and asks if there are other versions of ourselves that are freer and thus open out into other possible futures.

Daley-Ward has always pushed the boundaries on poetry. Her books are experimental poetic musings on everything from race to family to romance. She is also known for using digital technology to imagine new ways of creating and enjoying poetry. Her work as an instapoet has garnered her a drove of beloved readers.

This book, slightly more practical in nature, continues her commitment to using poetry to impact everyday lives of readers and to explore real experiences.



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