Turquoise blue skies filled with fluffy clouds
The wings of birds flap in reckless abandon
The sun shines through partially blocked by a cloud fluff
It’s a calm day just like any other
Nature shows off its grand design
Flies buzz over fallen fruits
Hummingbirds and bees alike perch on flower petals
The monkeys swing from branch to branch
Dried leaves on the ground rustle and scatter
He takes his steps firmly and merrily
He moves with purpose and intention
Intensely he sets his sight on his target
How majestic she is, tall, slender, and curvy
She sways in the breeze, beckoning to him
He takes a bite off a red kola nut and slips the remaining piece in his pocket
Savouring the bitter juice tickle his tongue, he cracks a smile
Cracks a smile with crooked teeth, stained brown by the kola nut juice
He slings and ties a rope belt around her, double-checking the tightness
The ascent starts, cautiously, and skillfully with a gourd tied around his waist
He takes one step forward, slides the belt up further
Takes another step forward, moves the rope up again
His steps elegantly marinated in repetition, and experience
In no time, he scales the graceful palm tree, his love
With precision, he cuts into the bark of the tree
Ties his gourd around the tree, allowing her sap to flow nonstop,
Flowing until it trickles
Emitting a potent scent that gently caresses his nose
His nostrils open wide to accommodate the familiar fragrance
After filling his gourd, he slides down with similar graceful fashion
Leaning his back gently against the tree, he tilts his head backwards
Tilts and lifts his gourd, allowing the elixir to dribble into his mouth
It glides on his tongue, sliding down into his throat
It moves like velvet, welcoming, soft and warm

He lets out a deep sigh of relief
Relishes the intoxicating taste of his labor,
There in the shade of his lady, he lay, embracing the life of a palm wine tapper



Photo by Jared Tabares from Pexels