Twin Bliss is a luxurious, seven-star resort on the Island of Gobota also known as “the most romantic island in Africa.” This world where every romantic dream comes true is the setting for eight novels written by members of the Black Female Author’s Collective. Think of the Twin Bliss series as a romantic universe into which different authors write novels that are standalone but loosely connected. The novels offer  romance fiction in a variety of genres—“contemporary to speculative, inspirational, and suspense”—and  takes up a range of themes such “autism, LGBT, the power of guilt, mental health, self-awareness” and more. 

The series was launched by Nigerian author Margaret Adetimehin. The cast of characters is diverse and delightful, with something for everyone: Janelle, one of the heroines, is “an autistic woman bound by her promise to her gay best friend. Destiny, a down on her luck businesswoman looking to start over while reconnecting with old schoolmates at an all-expense paid student reunion. Camilla, a woman looking to revive her relationship with a trip to Twin Bliss. Muyiwa, a Nollywood celebrity wife who would do anything for the Gram. Lola, a brand guru in need of an escape, taking life by the balls. Sappirah, a travel consultant with a terminal health issue who wants to leave a legacy for her brother and only family, Lishan at all cost. Izonbou, entrepreneur, and daughter of an oil magnate, determined to defy all odds to become president of Dexter petroleum, even if it meant losing out on love. And Melody rising from the ruins of a failed marriage.”

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